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LG Microwave Smart Inverter 42 L – 4295CIS

225 $ TTC



LG Microwave Smart Inverter
Brand name: LG
Model no: 4295CIS
Color: Stainless Steel
Output 1200 WMicrowave 1350 W
Electricity Power: 230V/50HZ
Easy Clean Coating (Antibacterial): Yes
Turntable Size (mm): 360
Out case: Noble Silver
Out Case Color: Noble Silver
Trim of Door /Keypad Noble Silver
Type: Glass Touch
Display White LED
Open Type: Side Swing
Clock: Yes
Time Setting: Yes
Child Lock: Yes
Quick Start: Yes
More/Less: Yes
Tastesaver: Yes
Reheat: 8
Soften: 3
Melt: 3
Proof & Warm 2
Inverter Defrost
Net: 12.5
Packed: 14.5
Dimensions (W x H x D): 544 x 308 x 432
Packed: 608 x 331 x 477
1 Year Warranty